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The mountains are special place where premium quality coffee is born. Its where we developed our trustworthy social enterprise and commitment to improving the lands through sustainably sourced coffee from our farmers. In three communities from Acatenango, aging coffee trees



Our Coffee Youth Training Program is a multi-phased vocational training program that offers youth the chance to learn and practice work skills. The mission of the program is to promote workforce and educational attachment, confidence, and life skills for the siblings or relatives of our farmers.

The program includes a formal customer service, cupping, barista, coffee facilities control and safe food preparation training curriculum that is deliver in our laboratory and coffee processing facilities.


Our cupping team is responsible for quality check and developing our incredible coffee. We have developed a true taste for making the coffee’s unique notes and roast levels shine together. They are dedicated to putting out coffee that the whole world will enjoy.

Each of our single origin varieties highlight their richness and unique coffee flavors native to their source, Acatenango’s altitude, climate and volcanic ash soil are perfect conditions for the mild and bright, beautifully balanced coffee beans.

Fertilizers andnursery plan

Crafting high quality coffee year after year is not easy. The farmers we work with do their best to consistently harvest high quality beans, but it is hard work and their livelihoods depend on it. We have built our company on what they do, so we are committed to supporting them and the communities by providing organic fertilizers, specialty coffee seedlings, constant training and resources needed.

We invest in growing high quality coffee varieties (Geisha, Pacamara) at the farmers land. Farmers learn when and how to apply organic fertilizers to get premium quality coffee from it. We seek to support our network of farmers and to help cultivate the lands that bring great coffee to the world.


Small-scale farmers produce 80% of the world’s beans, and coffee cooperatives help them improve and work together. Through our ongoing partnership with KOICA and Good Neighbors we have supported trade financing, long-term loans, financial training and advisory services to strengthen our farmers opportunities.

Farmers have the opportunity to save or get loans to purchase more fertilizers, trees or products at a lower price. Our community harvest superior Quality Coffee with confidence.


Veronica de Xicay - 42 años - Quisaché, Acatenango

“Nuestros ingresos han aumentado desde que nos unimos al programacomo años anteriores por restricciones económicas no pudimos trabajar en la Serra,nuestra vida es mejor ahora con los grandes resultados que estamos obteniendo de este proyecto y el apoyo de la cooperaSva con el préstamo y ferSlizantes a mejor precio "

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